Sweet Strawberry Cake

Sweet Strawberry Cake

Holidays are Here

The holidays are here, and it’s time to gather with family and loved ones for shared meals and sweet holiday treats. Company parties, gatherings with relatives, all on the way. In case you were looking to a go-to dessert recipe, Strawberry Cloud Cake may be just what you are looking for. It’s much like its sibling dish, Strawberry Short Cake, but with a sweet twist or two. Think strawberries and whipped cream, served on top of an angel food or light cake. It makes for a sweet and airy treat!

I tried making this dish and included some pictures below. If you are a strawberry lover, it might be something you’d be interested in. For an interesting twist, incorporate mixed pieces of strawberry (blended in a food processor) into the whipped cream and top your cake. Here is a good place to start, found on the website The Cupcake Project. For a lighter twist on the whipped cream, Cooking Light has the perfect twist – use part cream, part Greek yogurt to lighten up the dish.

Strawberry Cloud Cake makes for a light and sweet holiday treat.

Typically I use Angel Food cake as a good base cake and spread my strawberry creme over the top, but a similar light cake will do. Vanilla cake is a good pairing, but if you would like to switch it up and try a nice lemon or strawberry cake, that would work nicely as well. Topped with additional fresh strawberries, this cake is not only sweet but beautiful as well.

It’s always nice to serve up your cake with some hot tea. I just received a tea set and teas from a friend that will do nicely. Try pairing with an Earl Grey or delicious blueberry or chai tea. Cheers to you and your family in this holiday season.

Strawberry Cake
Fresh Strawberries complement this fresh cake beautifully.


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