Sweet Serene Ice Cream Review

You Can Have Your Ice Cream And Eat It Too

As the temps warm and spring melts the last of winter away, one may find their thoughts turning toward warmer-weather fare. This includes the ubiquitous ice cream cone. Frozen treats, although a staple of summer, can still be enjoyed year round. There are so many selections available. With so many options to choose from, it is relatively easy to find a sweet and healthier alternative to standard ice cream. I have enclosed some selections here for review. All versions of the frozen ice cream or dessert have under 150 calories per half-cup serving. Please note that all opinions in this post are my own; this post is not sponsored nor an endorsement of a specific product or brand.

And Now, The Reviews

Yasso Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt

The distinctive piquant taste of Greek yogurt, combined with a sweet twist. Chocolate bits and cookie dough crumbles provide a decadent tasting experience, although at a reasonable 130 calories per half cup serving, a sensible portion can be accommodated as a snack or dessert. Plus, the added benefit of live and active cultures from the yogurt. Delicious and creamy, this one is sure to be a true crowd pleaser with wide appeal.

Outshine Non-Dairy Banana Based Sunrise Blend

It is a banana based, non dairy frozen fruit blend. It is distinctly reminiscent of a fruit sorbet to with a smooth finish. Icy and delectable, it is refreshing and divine, whilst being hinting at sweet and fruity flavorful notes. It is decidedly citrus and fruit based, incorporating peach purée and tangerine juice, with notes of lemon and banana mixed in. If you enjoy an icy sorbetto, you will fall for this. This selection has 80 calories per half cup.

Enlightened – Cold Brew

Smooth, velvety finish. Of the three, this one is my personal favorite. Upon tasting, you are immediately hit with the rich, espresso-like taste of coffee. If you are a coffee lover this will almost assuredly be an ethereal experience. The texture is exquisite and smooth, without being too rich and overbearing. Highly recommended for coffee lovers. It contains 60 calories per half cup.