Naturebox Unboxing!

A Lovely Little Naturebox Review

A cheery hello to all! Today I thought I would share a special package that I received in the mail. Recently I discovered a cool new snacking phenomenon called Naturebox. Naturebox is an innovative and creative snacking company that ships a variety of curated snacks right to your door! Plus, careful attention is made to ensure the snacks are made of healthy and tasty ingredients (you can check out their site here for more info).  Curious, I decided to check it out by purchasing a box of my own. I have posted my findings below. Please note that all opinions are my own; this posting is not sponsored.

The Details

I recently ordered two snacks from Naturebox for my trial: Mini Belgian Waffles and Strawberry Lemonade Fruit Stars. Personally I enjoy sweet snacks, but please note that there is a wide variety to choose from, including sweet, crunchy, and savory options. The box was delivered right to my door, which I found was very convenient. Now, for the items I sampled:

Naturebox 01
A variety of items from Naturebox.

First Snack: Mini Belgian Waffles, 3.05 oz (86 g)

Mini Belgian Waffles
Mini Belgian Waffles

These mini waffles, reminiscent of a cookie, are unlike any packaged snack that I have tasted previously. They taste rich and buttery, although I did not see butter listed on the list of ingredients (the snack does contain eggs). The texture is flaky and crumbly, almost like a shortbread cookie. They are heavenly and if you like shortbread cookies, you are going to love these. You may need to buy two packages if you plan on sharing with friends, as I anticipate these will surely go fast. Overall, a great snack. Recommended.


Second Snack: Strawberry Lemonade Fruit Stars, 4 oz (113 g)

Strawberry Lemonade Fruit Stars
Strawberry Lemonade Fruit Stars

The Strawberry Lemonade Fruit Stars were a bit enigmatic; I was not sure quite what to expect in terms of taste and flavor. When I opened the package, I caught a sweet, enticing aroma. These little snacks yield a powerful flavor and are reminiscent to me of a type of jelly or fruit preserves, albeit with a piquant citrusy twist. Texturally speaking, they hearken back to my childhood days when snacking on natural fruit leather or dried fruit. Very nostalgic and a convenient snack on the go.


Overall my experience with Naturebox was extremely positive. Everything arrived at my doorstep fresh and promptly, and I cannot wait to venture back and explore their additional offerings. If you would like to check it out as well, their website is user-friendly and lists the snack options by category. Cheers!