Lovely Little Lentils

Lovely Lentils

Lentils are a versatile pantry staple. They are legumes, which makes them both versatile and nutritious, but are smaller in size than your average bean, especially compared to larger beans such as Great Northern. With a delicate flavor, they are a blank canvas for you favorite spice mixes.

These lovely little gems are packed with fiber, plant protein, and nutrients, and make a great accompaniment to any dish. They are also great as the star of the show, as they are great as saucy, spiced, or savory options. They can shine on their own or be paired with grains such as quinoa or brown rice, dependent on dietary needs and individual taste.

So many varieties to choose from

As per the different types to choose from to incorporate into your dishes, there are many varieties. Two common variants (shown below in their uncooked state) are red lentils and brown lentils. While both being small, red lentils are slightly smaller and thinner. A good article here outlines the many types and varieties for various dishes.


The red variety of lentil is smaller and thinner.
Lentils of the Brown Variety.
Delicious dishes

Many dishes incorporate lentils as a mainstay. They provide an excellent source of fiber, nutrients, and plant protein. With their delicate, subtle taste, they are like a blank canvas awaiting your culinary inspiration. Try your favorite herbs and spices, mixed in with fresh dark greens. To prepare them, (they are typically purchased from the store dried), wash them and simmer over low heat with water or a vegetable stock. There is a great website dedicated solely to lentils with some excellent instructional tips. Happy cooking!

-Lovely Serene

Cooked lentils prepared with carrot, tender spinach, diced tomato, onion, parsley, and Garam Masala spice.