Awesome Overnight Oats

As we transition in this part of the world from winter to spring, so too our daily diets also change. But one thing that tends to stay a constant is the need for a sustaining, healthful, nourishing breakfast. Often called the most important meal of the day, breakfast tends to be overlooked, or relegated to a quick bowl of corn flakes or a piece of fruit on the go. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, what better way to start the day than with a prepared cereal with all the fixings. Many people turn to oatmeal as a healthful way to start their day. While traditionally prepared hot, there is an alternative that is quickly rising in popularity among the more adventurous culinary breakfast types. This is none other than the phenomenon called overnight oats.

How to Prepare

Overnight oats are a simple concept as a counterpart to the traditional hot breakfast preparation. The idea is to take high-quality oats, combine them with a liquid such as dairy or non-dairy milk (typically in a 2:1 ratio of liquid to oats), and let it chill overnight in a fridge. The liquid allows the oats to become soft and tender, making a delicious thick cereal quality. At breakfast time the next day, add in your favorite mix-ins, such as fruit or honey, and enjoy!

Ingredients are Key

You can use dairy milk to soften your oats, but I prefer almond milk due to its mild flavor and consistency. I added banana to my overnight oats, topped with coconut shredded flakes, but there are so many customization options possible (honey, berries). For my oats, I chose a brand called Bob’s Red Mill. They offer a variety of oats called Steel-Cut oats, which provides an appealing texture, but really any oats will work for this recipe. Now get creative, and add your favorite mix-ins! I like shredded coconut, but fruit or honey will also work nicely.

Ingredients Overnight Oats
Ingredients to prepare Overnight Oats


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